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And I get more ass than a toilet seat C’mon teen, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me We ’bout to have a party (turn the music up) Let’s get it started

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She brought her huge ass to get stuffed. I was amazed. She took a pounding and yelled for more. I got a great work out from her and her curves. Roller Crush.

Smoke so much weed you wouldn’t believe, and I get more ass than a toilet seat.” When Fred got promoted from restroom attendant to bouncer at the club,

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Dec 16, 2007 · Just a joke please dont get sad or mad. If you like marvin marvin gay, you will like the sweet sounds of precious peoples.

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You read an article called “What it feels like to get fucked in the ass.” And lube. More lube than you could possibly think you would ever need.

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Can this ‘s ass get more fans than Donald Trump? 7,276 likes · 338 talking about this. Because we firmly believe that THIS ‘s ass would be a

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you get more ass. Jan 28, 2017 03:52 . 5. 0 4. 0 3. 1 4. 1 arge. Subscribe 132 TwoBalls Love to have some of her hot sexy ass ! Jan 28, 2017 10:41 Like 0.

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Sep 10, 2006 · Implying that this “pimp” get’s more action than you could ever imagine. Often used by poseurs, and white people that can’t rap.* Perfect comeback-

Now thats a lot of ass! You’d be having more sex than Paris Hilton if you gat that much ass ! I Get More Ass Than A Toilet Seat Value T-shirt $16.99:

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