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Robyn: The Nineties Pop Star Reinvents Herself. Sweden’s Britney gets edgy

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Robyn has invited some of her favorite artists in dance music from across the globe to remix key tracks from throughout her career, including Axel Boman, The Mekanism

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Mar 21, 2008 · By Mitchell Peters LOS ANGELES (Billboard) – Some could label her a rebel, but Robyn might best be described as a teen pop survivor of the music

Robyn is the last b-list 90s pop star I would have expected to develop any creative drive, but apparently that’s what’s happened on this album. Read more

She is Robyn. The most killingest pop star on the planet. A pint-sized atom bomb dosed to the tits on electric and dispensing wisdom in three-minute modernist pop

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Robyn new music, concerts, photos, and official news updates directly from Robyn’s Twitter and Facebook.

She was a teen pop star who stepped off the conveyor belt. Now Robyn Carlsson is singing about fembots, working with Snoop g and dabbling in the avant garde.

An international pop star — despite label problems that halted her career’s momentum several times — Sweden’s Robyn blends the gritty sound of American R&B with the

Robyn was rediscovered by Swedish pop singer Meja in the early 1990s. Meja and her band Legacy of Sound visited Robyn’s college and were involved with a

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